Adelchi Ferrari

ADELCHI FERRARI die-casting division specializes in the production of castings in zinc alloys (zamak) by pressure die-casting technology and in the design and manufacturing of molds and equipment for die-casting and plastic molding.

The company, originally named Premocs, was founded in 1977. In 1988 it became part of the group Adelchi Ferrari in 2006 and Premocs has become a brand of Adelchi Ferrari.

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Officine Aiolfi

OFFICINE AIOLFI has been performing mechanical machining since more than 30 years. The company is based on a team of skilled, highly motivated people, carefully selected and constantly undergoing training to meet our customers' most demanding technical and quality requirements, with costs amongst the most competitive on the market. Equipment is always at the state of the art and all new technologies in our field are promptly made available to our customers.

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MICROFOND BRESCIANA is an highly qualified ITALIAN PRODUCTION Company successfully active since years in the sector 
of precision castings based on the technique of last wax and Metal Injection Moulding (M.I.M.)
The industrialisation of the technology and the continuous up date process make of investment casting and M.I.M. the best solution to produce assemblies of different parts in... Read more