MICROFOND BRESCIANA is an highly qualified ITALIAN PRODUCTION Company successfully active since years in the sector 
of precision castings based on the technique of last wax and Metal Injection Moulding (M.I.M.)
The industrialisation of the technology and the continuous up date process make of investment casting and M.I.M. the best solution to produce assemblies of different parts in one single component, reducing production steps and avoiding costly and complicated assemblies.
Such a proceedings allow a remarkable reduction of production time and consequently cost advantages.

The possibility to carry out intricate geometric shapes make of these production technologies the most indicated for requirements 
as joins, intersections, ribs, slots not achievable through other processes, avoiding the problem of assembly that would occur by classic machining operation.

Further more there is a great flexibility in the choice of all special materials, able to improve the quality of the products, and 
which are hardly when not impossible to be machined: especially Investment Casting deals with several metal alloys – stainless steel and ally steel, nickel and more – aiming to obtain the most qualitative return without defects or irregularities and no waste of costly material. Download the steel alloys chart

 MICROFOND obtained the Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008

MICROFOND BRESCIANA, thanks to the application of advanced technologies, is able to face at best any request and to solve in 
the better way also complex problems, ensuring the best quality and the higher reliability always. Our technicians are available for any carrying out demand and will be able to lead customers toward the best choice between Investment casting and M.I.M.

Microfond Bresciana production plant