zinc alloy ingot

Zamak is a metal alloy with high tenor of zinc, small percentages of aluminum, magnesium and copper. This alloy is suitable for complex geometries with dimensional accuracy with very accurate finishing, small tolerances down to 0.02 mm and reduced thickness down to 0.7 mm. Cutting-edge machinery and fully automated equipment allow a production of high quality and safety of the workers. The use of vacuum molding technology allows reaching excellent quality levels from both the technical and aesthetic point of view. Expert workers with the support of the Quality department constantly monitor the casting process.


Ten presses from 40 Ton to 350 Ton connected to automatic separators. Four presses equipped with ROBOTS STAUBLI. Vacuum casting equipment. Castings weight from 1 gr to 2.000 gr. 

die casting machine with robot

The requirements of the markets that we are aiming to serve are special, complex and challenging. Most of the times complex components need to be developed in a very short time, the margin of error and test times are getting smaller and smaller. In this context, it is essential the expertise of our workers and the contribution of software as, to give one example, the casting flow simulator. Simulation software to visualize and predict solidification and stress of the materials, identifying in advance the possible metallurgical defects. This information is analyzed in a simple, fast and accurate way on the computer, to choose the best solution at the lowest cost.

casting flow simulation

Our design department is equipped with CAD software 2D, 3D, CAD / CAM compatible with any computer format. In our tooling department, we produce molds for casting of zinc alloy, magnesium, plastics and ceramics. The high level of our machines together with highly specialized staff and an efficient organizational structure allow this division to work on complex geometries with high precision and impressive finishing results. The tool shop department is fully equipped with CNC machining centers, wire EDM machines and CNC dive, grinding and CNC lathes, laser-welding machine.

tool shop